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my sheba was reported in media!

The chief medical officer Dr. Tomohiro Morita was presenting the keynote at the press conference. He said that the company's activities started with the help of JICA. Here, through the high quality diagnostic services and information technology, monitoring of the health of people will be given the right advice through MBBS doctors at the right time. Details

-------------------- MY SHEBA is your personal Family Doctor and the best supporter for your healthy life. We provide high quality diagnostic service supervised by a Japanese doctor, Dr. Morita, and proper advice from MBBS doctors at the right time by monitoring your health condition through IT technology. We introduce the first Japanese style health checkup center where Bangladesh people get access to the reliable medical support with evidence-based consultant. More you consult with MY SHEBA about health issue, more proper advice our family doctor can provide you based on your personal health recode. According to the health status, we introduce you to high-class hospitals in India, Japan, and Bangladesh, or collaborated specialist doctors in Bangladesh who agree on our concept and qualified. We aim for your most reliable doctor and healthcare supporter in your daily life --------------------

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