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We provide Japanese quality health checkup services in Bangladesh.


my sheba anywhere

Health checkup anytime, anywhere. 

“Mysheba Anywhere" is the first ever service in Bangladesh to provide home visit Health Checkup service. Our trained medical staff will come to you wherever you are and collect the necessary samples. After examination, you will collect the report and can consult with our doctor if you wish. Our service is Japanese high quality, supervised by a Japanese Doctor: Dr. Morita. A visualized report will give you exact and easily understandable information about your health rank. This service will only take 15 minutes. 

my sheba Japan Medical Center

Full body health checkup and doctor consultation.

My sheba preventive healthcare center provides full body health checkup at 10,000 BDT. You will receive a visualized report and a consultation session with our doctor. This health checkup can detect over 25 disease conditions like Anemia, Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension, Renal diseases, Liver diseases, infectious diseases (Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C) and more. Our service is supervised by a Japanese Doctor: Dr.Morita. 

my sheba coporate service

Checkup for enterprises.

Mysheba Corporate provides our service to companies. Our staff and doctor will visit your site to conduct health checkups. Employees' health condition is very important for your company as productivity is conditioned by the health status of your employees and they are, indeed, precious assets for your company. We have various types of packages available at reasonable prices. Japanese quality is always guaranteed. 


Prevent serious diseases,
know your health status now.

Let us benefit from health checkup services and prevent serious diseases. Once you have contracted a serious disease, it will cost you and your family a lot of money time. Not only will your physical body be affected but your mental health as well. Heath is wealth and this is the truth. We treat our body as it exists, but it also needs checking and repairing as like a car. Without regular servicing, it may cause an “accident” some day. This “accident” can be prevented. This health checkup will help you to make your life happy and give you peace of mind.




Type of the service:


My sheba Anywhere

My sheba Anywhere service is new drift in Bangladesh to aware people before getting serious disease. Also home visit health checkup is very much important for busy and older people. People can reduce their hassle, time and convenient to get the service in customers place. Their report delivery format is very understandable and get doctor’s suggestion by the report which is unique. Their package price is also reasonable. 


Name : MD.Delower Hossain 


Type of service:


My sheba Preventive Healthcare Center

For your future customer, I want to say “if you need full body health checkup, you can have service from My sheba Preventive Healthcare Center without any hesitation. I am a medical person; I took their service & I am satisfied with their service. You can compare their service with other renowned health facility service. Their service provide system is good and their package price is also reasonable.  More willingly than their behavior also very polite.  


Name : Mr.Arjun Kumar Biswas 




Better health for Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, the cause of death by disease conditions other than infection has been on the rise and is now known to contribute to 59% of all patient deaths nationwide. 

The main diseases causing death are chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and dyslipidemia. These diseases do not usually present with obvious symptoms and are difficult to detect without a thorough health checkup by medical professionals accompanied with quality lab reports.

In order to detect these diseases early, it is recommended that you receive a health checkup at least once a year. Japan is known for having the world longest average lifespan and yearly blood tests are set as mandatory requirements for Japanese students and employees. 

Early detection of disease conditions and awareness of your health status will prevent deterioration of your health and progression to serious illness. If you can detect & prevent disease before it gets serious, the amount of money and effort required for yearly medical bills are much less. 

Through this service, I would like to create the opportunity for all people in Bangladesh to think, know and act about their current health status. 

I hope that this service will be beneficial for all the people in Bangladesh. I believe that together, we can make a difference in the lives of many families across the country.

Tomohiro Morita (MD)

Doctor Morita graduated from the School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo and is currently enrolled in the doctoral course of Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine,. He moved to Fukushima to help people there. While working as a physician at Soma hospital, he is focused on health damage research of the people in stricken areas and research on the public health problem in Bangladesh and China. In miup, he is developing AI and healthcare services as a doctor who knows the medical field. He is highly interested in making medicine efficient and wants to explore the ideal shape of medicine in this service.



Our service is supervised by a Japanese Medical Doctor. Dr. Morita has a medical degree from the University of Tokyo, the top University in Japan. He supervises the entire service, from development to quality control of the Laboratory. Staff in Bangladesh are rigorously trained by the Japanese team to familiarize themselves with the Japanese system. Patient satisfaction and safety is our highest priority.


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